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Royal marines preparation


If you are joining the Royal Marines and want to get a headstart on everyone else, leave no stone unturned in your preparation, and massively increase your likelihood of passing first time, then this is for you.


We also offer a pass CPC first time GUARANTEE* 


So if just scraping through training is not for you, and you want to use your time before you go wisely and invest in your future career, get in touch now to get to work.

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We have helped well over 500 people in their preparation for the Royal Marines, many of which are now fully fledged Royal Marines Commandos, and serving in their respective units.

Why choose us?

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At Civvy 2 Commando, we offer something completely different & unique to anyone else out there. Along with our training programme, you will be mentored by a Royal Marine on a 1-2-1 basis throughout the entirety of your time with us. Meaning you can ask all the questions you want, learn from the experience and mistakes of someone who has been there before you, gain hints and tips to help you on your way, and be held accountable for your training every step of the way.

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We also go as far as to teach you Military Knowledge to give you another added edge on everyone else starting training. Subjects like map reading, navigation, survival, and corps history, and are but a few subjects you will be taught on our programme.


The Training Programme is a mixture of strength training, bodyweight circuits, varied tempos of running and sprinting, yomping and swimming. Everything we do is specific to the entry requirements of the Royal Marines and we will test you on all of these at the start and end of the programme to ensure progression and improvements.

Our mantra is never aiming for, or discussing minimum scores. We go for the top in everything we do. This need to achieve the highest standards possible is the mindset we will instill into you throughout your time with us during our Commando Mindset Training at every weekly debrief. 

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Don't just take our word for it, view our feedback here 

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