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The Civvy2commando
12 week training programme
& 1-2-1 mentor scheme


At Civvy2Commando, we offer something completely different and unique to anyone else. We offer a 12 Week Training Programme & 1-2-1 Mentor Scheme, meaning you have your own personal mentor for the entire duration you are with us who you can contact any time for help and support, and to ask any questions that you need. Your mentor will also work on your mindset with you every single week by delving into all the elements of the Commando Mindset. They will also share with you their personal experiences and you can feel free to ask anything you like to gain a greater understanding. 


We pride ourselves on being the most personal, 1-2-1, and in-depth Royal Marines Training Service that there is and would love to add you to our long list of success stories. Our niche is everyone just gets physically fit to join the Marines, but it truly is a mental game and when times get hard in training, it is your mind that will pull you through the darkest times. It’s all well and good being physically fit, but if your mind caves is when times are hard it doesn’t matter how fit you are! We want to teach you The Commando Mindset to help you push on when you want to quit, as well as get you the fittest you have ever been via online coaching.


We have 3 coaching packages for you to pick from, all with different needs to suit your personal requirements, and fit in around your life. 


The Bootneck Package

This is our most popular option which most people go for and we have had the most success on. The Bootneck Package also comes with 12 Check ins which are 1 on 1 with DC at the end of every week to discuss your progress and anything you want to ask or bring up, this is completely personal to you. 


We also target your weaknesses here and make a plan to flip them into strengths. As well as this, you will receive exclusive, direct access to Civvy2Commando owner, DC, any time you want or need. 2 x Zoom calls with other recruits throughout the course. 


AND our personal guarantee that after completing our 12 week programme and practice CPC week you will pass CPC first time round or 12 MORE weeks coaching for FREE! We have 100% first-time pass rate at CPC of people who have finished the full 12 week programme and completed the practice CPC week. NO ONE has failed CPC after completing our entire Bootneck Package programme!!

The Commando Package

This is our package for people who don't have time for a weekly check in, but still want to be held accountable for their training on a daily basis.


The Marine Package

This is our package for people who don't want the full 1-2-1 experience or daily accountability. You will receive a check in with Civvy2Commando owner DC, but only at weeks 1 & 12.

To get involved, we only run monthly intakes when we have space for newcomers, reason being is if we limit the numbers and stagger the intakes, we are able to maintain the quality 1-2-1 time that everyone loves and that we pride ourselves on. We will never substitute quality for quantity. 

We have fully sold out EVERY monthly intake since April, some even sold out a month or two in advance and we have had to push people into the following months intakes. People have reserved their places months in advance as we are in incredibly high demand, so our message to you is, if you are on the fence, send a message ASAP to check our availability and at least get on the waiting list for your chosen Month’s intake. 

If you want to reserve a slot on our programme, then please contact us directly and a member of our team will be in touch with you ASAP. 


We do not sell our programmes openly online so we can manage the flow of new recruits and keep the numbers consistent. All new enquiries are on a case by case basis depending on current availability. 


For more information please send an email to either: 




And we will be in touch with you ASAP. 


99.99% Did Not Prepare…

Don’t let it be you.


Contact us direct below if you are interested in signing up for the C2C programme or have any questions

Thanks for submitting!

Please check your Junk folder also for response

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