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Bootneck package

The Bootneck Package is our all-encompassing Royal Marines Training Programme and 1-2-1 Mentor Scheme. This is the most popular package we have and where we have seen the most success in all the data we have tracked. It has become so popular, people have booked as far ahead as 3 months to secure their place on our waiting list. 

The bootneck package includes

 12 Weeks of Royal Marines Specific Training

 A New Programme every Week (no getting bored)

 10 Check ins with DC

 Daily Accountability

‣ 2 x Zoom Calls with DC & other Recruits

‣ Direct Access to DC for Accountability, Questions & Advice

 Weekly Commando Mindset Challenges

 Welcome Pack




 Recommended Kit List

‣ Exclusive C2C Discounts at all of our Affiliated Brands such as Grenade Protein & Nite Watches

 Military Knowledge Training to get you ahead of the Game

 Our Personal Insight of Recruit Training with Hints & Tips

 Nutrition, Rehab & Swimming Guide

 You will be added to our Private Facebook Group with other Recruits

 Extra Work to Target YOUR Specific Weaknesses

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If you pay upfront you also receive

 Free C2C T-Shirt

‣ Free C2C Sticker

 Free Practice CPC Week with Hints & Tips

 Discount on overall cost

 *Our Pass CPC First Time Guarantee - If you complete our entire 12 week training programme and the additional 13th week (practice CPC week), follow it to the tee and don't pass CPC first time, we will coach you again for 12 more weeks for FREE. We have NEVER had to coach anyone again in our entire time of operating

Fuelled BY 

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 Every month the Instructors at Civvy 2 Commando select their standout Recruit from The Bootneck Package to win a HUGE box of goodies from our official supplement sponsor, Grenade!

We reward those who go the extra mile whilst training with us, so whether it be staying consistent throughout the entire 12 weeks, smashing all your PB’s at test week, overcoming extreme adversity, or earning your Green Beret, we are always watching! Consistently uploading photos and videos of your training in C2C merch and tagging us will get you noticed too!

Civvy 2 Commando Bootneck Package Recruits also get a unique link for 20% off their Grenade orders!

Initially we ask for a 12 week commitment so we can assess your strength and fitness progression over a three month period which is the minimum amount of time we like to base data off. However, if we both agree that you aren't exactly where you need to be at the end of the initial 12 weeks then we can go as long as you need.


We only run new intakes once a month, however we allow new recruits to sign up for future intakes. We have sold out every intake since June 2022 and have begun pushing people into future intakes, so we do urge you to get in contact with us ASAP to guarantee your place before we sell out.


If you are ready to get started please book a call with a member of our team via the booking system below to see if we are a good fit for one another. We do reserve the right to turn down applicants if we do not believe you are a good fit for us so we can focus our time on those who really want it.


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Don't just take our word for it, view our feedback here 

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