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WHAT is c2c?

We are a team of Royal Marines who create training programmes to get you as fit and mentally prepared as you possibly can be before you start your journey into Royal Marines basic training.

The theory is, we include all of the minor details we wish we had known before going to training and all of the knowledge you can’t get your hands on online. That type of raw, real life knowledge that you could not expect to learn without the experience of someone who has physically been there and done it.


To put it simply, if you’re genuinely serious about making it as a Marine and are willing to leave no stone unturned in your prep, we are the answer.


What does our Our 12 week Pre-Royal Marines 1-2-1 Mentor  Scheme include?


Our Mentor Scheme is 12 weeks long and can be carried out remotely with or without gym access anywhere in the world. It will get you both physically and mentally prepared for PJFT, CPC and ROP. 

However we want to make clear this is NOT just a fitness programme. 


Yes, we will get you fit and there is a very in depth and progressive fitness programme. 


However every week we will give you an insight into how our life was in recruit training and  how we passed out as an original. The C2C insight is our personal story of how we found basic training, what we did every week and hints and tips from us to you. 


Also we will be teaching you as much military knowledge as we can to get you ahead of the other recruits. 


Our niche is, everyone just gets ‘fit’ for the marines. But none actually trains to become a good soldier, which is what you are joining to be. We want to train you at BOTH.

The Royal Marines is a mental test, so we want to broaden your mental strength and resilience.

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My name is Dave Coleman (DC) formerly known as Lance Corporal Dave ‘Mumbles’ Coleman. 


Throughout my career I was based at 45 Commando and served just shy of 8 years in the Corps. I served on exercises and operations all around the world including a 6 month tour of Afghanistan aged 18 where I was involved in a Grenade explosion and suffered 28 stitches to my neck, arms, legs and ass.


After a month of rehabilitation at Camp Bastion Hospital I returned to the frontline to join my troop. 

I joined the Royal Marines aged 16 and passed training as an original member of my troop. I know first hand what it takes to get through training as the youngest member of the troop and avoiding Hunter Company or being back-trooped. 


From a sporting background I have represented the Royal Marines and Royal Navy Under 23’s in Rugby Union, Rugby League and 7’s Rugby and have competed in the Dubai 7’s Mens Open as well as playing overseas in Australia for 18 months. I have also completed various long distance runs including a 43 mile ultra-marathon. 


All this being said, I know what it takes to achieve an elite level of fitness and also mental robustness, having suffered from various mental health issues such as PTSD, Anxiety and Depression and made it out the other side. I speak about this openly in an effort to help and support others who are suffering to speak out and find help.


Listen to a podcast with C2C founder DC here


The programme

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