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Corporate training

With Civvy 2 Commando having such a diverse team with an abundance of knowledge, experience and specialist skills, there are numerous Corporate Training workshops and packages we can offer you and your team members to help improve performance in the crucial areas of working. We can also incorporate captivating scenarios and leadership tasks for everyone to get involved in.



Leadership workshop lead by a Royal Marines Officer and Troop Commander as well as another Royal Marines Commando to discuss leadership styles used by the elite, inspirational leaders, and to show the disconnect that can sometimes occur between leaders and team members and discuss solutions on how to fix it and bring the team closer together. This workshop is perfect for senior leadership teams, directors, managers and so on…

Mental health

Here we will speak openly about Mental Health to help bring some awareness and education to the subject. We will share first hand experiences of dealing with Mental Health issues and how we have dealt with it, as well as how you can spot it in others and get them the help they need. This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to gain a greater understanding on Mental Health.

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This can be delivered inside or outside the office environment. You can choose between a theory-based session, a series of outdoor practical team building exercises away from the norm, or both! This is perfect for anyone from a team leader down to an everyday employee to help strengthen team cohesion and boost morale.


TCUP -  Training in how to “Think Clearly Under Pressure” and

perfrom to the highest standard whilst in a high stress environment. This subject is ideals for anyone looking to improve their mindset and kept their cool when the pressure is on.

And much more…


We also take requests if your needs are more specific.



"We completed "Red Bull 2 Commando" a 30km hike across the Jurassic Coast. It was ace, it was so much fun, the guys are amazing and I would highly recommend it!"

- Shauna Bastian

Senior National Account Manager


"We had a really good day with the guys walking 30km along the Jurassic Coast in some lovely English weather! Brilliant for team morale, brilliant team bonding session and the guys lead from start to finish so I would 100% recommend them" 

- Dan Ryan

Channel Director



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