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Civvy to Commando Founder and CEO, David Coleman has grown from having a stammer as a child and being unable to answer his own name, all the way to delivering motivational and inspiring speeches to large audiences all around the world.


David shares his personal story of growing up with a stammer and passing Royal Marines basic training at only 16 years old, all the way to being injured in a grenade blast in Afghanistan aged only 18, fighting to recover from his injuries to re-join his teammates on the frontline, saving migrants from storms who were stranded at sea, to overcoming the mental health struggles that came with this.

Other popular topics such as Mindset, Mental Health & Resilience,

Overcoming Adversity, Elite Leadership and The Commando Spirit

are all relatable to the corporate environment, with lots of useful

take away points to implement within your own team.

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“Dave’s story is truly inspirational from the very beginning; he has faced multiple challenges throughout his life and overcome them in a manner that commands respect and admiration. His humility, openness and honesty shone all the way through his talk and made the challenges discussed relatable to everyone.

His willingness to explore topics like mental health, grief and feelings of isolation (which are often shied away from, but that many of us have felt at different points in life) in a positive, open and hugely empathetic manner was exceptional.

Dave’s talk transcended age, gender, background and experience, as he spoke to fundamental issues that we all face as human beings, and in a manner we can all relate to. I would strongly recommend Dave if you are looking for a talk that will not only inspire and motivate, but leave people with tangibly good advice for tackling the challenges life throws at us, whatever they may be.”

Nathaniel Mortazavi - Managing Director, Apogee Associates


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