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Royal Marines Commando & Military Experience Weekend

Friday 10th - Sunday 12th May 2024

• Are you joining the Armed Forces and want a Headstart before you do?


• Are you a Civilian who wants a Military Experience Weekend?


• Are you a Sportsperson who wants to be tested both Physically and Mentally?


• Are you a Cadet who wants a more in-depth Military Weekend Camp?


• Are you a Business Owner who wants to improve their Leadership Skills, or wants to put their employees through their paces in order to boost Camaraderie and Teamwork within your workplace?


• Or are you someone who is coasting through life with no real direction, believes they have more in the tank and wants a push to unlock their potential?

If you are ready to be challenged both Physically and Mentally, learn some Outdoor, Military and Survival skills, whilst working in a team and making friends for life, then our weekend is for you. 


Join us for three days of in-person coaching from a team of Former and Currently-Serving Royal Marines Commandos with over 25 years experience of Operating in some of the most Dangerous and Harshest Environments in the World, from the frontline of Afghanistan, to the Arctic of Norway. 


We want to draw on our real life experiences to teach you what it takes to become a Royal Marines Commando, and help you to understand the Mindset required to do it. This will be as authentic to a weekend in the Military as possible, however we still pride ourselves on ensuring everyone enjoys themselves and leaves the weekend with more Knowledge and Experience than they arrived with. 


Some of the activities you will experience are:

•  Weapons Handling, Safety, and Shooting

• Royal Marines Fitness Assessments

• Mountain Leader and Survival Lessons

• Modern Urban Combat

• Patrolling and Soldiering Skills

• Camouflage and Concealment

• Determination Tests & Combat Fitness

• Map Reading & Navigation

• Elite Commando Mindset Training

• Learning how to Operate and Survive in the field as a Commando

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Civvy2Commando Weekend -

Friday 10th - Sunday 12th May 2024


Location - Ashley, Cheshire. 


Cost - £375 Inclusive of Food, Accommodation and a T-Shirt. (Klarna available). 



If you are ready to take on the Challenge, prepare yourself for the Military or Future Life, and want a full weekend of exposure to life as a Royal Marines Commando, then sign up now. 


Spaces are capped and very limited, once this is sold out, we will not be offering anymore places. 

Please note that Weekend camp tickets are non refundable. 


For any questions please contact - 

C2C - day 2 - 68.jpg
‘All were insanely professional, super motivating and knowledgeable. Each and every one of them took their role seriously and made sure every detail of the weekend was up to scratch.’
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