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Are you looking for a motivational or an after-dinner speaker for your corporate event? Civvy2Commando owner David Coleman can speak for crowds of any size at events all over the world.


A former Royal Marines Commando turned Business owner and Public Speaker, David is an open book of incredible stories, from a lifetime of adversities, and how he overcame them.



Having joined the Marines aged only 16 and passing the elite Commando training first time despite being the youngest member of the troop and suffering with a lifelong stammer, David knows first-hand how to persist until you succeed, never succumb to the option of failure, and the mindset that is required to achieve that. During his life, David was living with such a crippling fear of talking due to his stammer, he declined phone calls, only communicating via text message, he had to raise his hand in the register at school as he could not say his own name, and he was also told he could not promote any higher in the Military or attend courses which included the use of Radios due to his severe speech impediment. 


After battling with a severe stammer his entire life and the knock-on mental effects of this, David persisted to work on his speech until the stammer was all but gone, and then go full circle in the recovery of this by pushing himself into the public speaking sector to inspire others with speech impediments that it can be done and through persistence and perseverance anyone can learn to talk again and go on to achieve greatness in the face of adversity. David now speaks stammer-free and is using his newly found voice to show the world that anyone can overcome their greatest fears and adversities by harnessing the ‘Non-Quitting Mind’ and through utilising ‘Hope with Hard Work’, two of David’s topics that teach people practices to implement into their own lives to deal with their personal challenges and struggles.

David Coleman deployed to Afghanistan aged only 18 where he was blown up by a Grenade causing multiple fragment injuries to his neck, face, body, and legs, which resulted in 4 operations, over 30 stitches, and the implications of contracting an Afghan flesh eating disease. However, David refused to accept that the fight was over for him and re-deployed back to the front line only a month after the explosion to re-join his troop in the Green Zone of Helmand Province. At the point where it would be acceptable to quit, David has kept going, time and time again.


Having experienced so much at such a young age, David’s mental health declined and following a suicide attempt, was diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD which he has gone on to overcome and speaks openly about this to help educate others in a similar position in a bid to raise awareness that mental health effects everyone, and if anyone is suffering, to get the help they need. 


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David has spoken at various corporate events and is now the owner of Civvy 2 Commando, which helps physically and mentally prepare the next generation of potential Royal Marines through online training, military experience weekends, and 1 to 1 mentorship.


Outside of his professional work, David enjoys physical training, being in the outdoors with his family and raising money and awareness for Armed Forces Mental Health Charities.


David has a lifetime of experience in overcoming adversities, facing his fears, and flipping negatives into a positive to help push through the struggles of life.

Speaking topics

* Overcoming Adversity

* Hope with Hard Work

* The Non-Quitting Mind & Never Giving Up

* Motivational

* Inspirational 


“After hearing Dave talk on one of the fantastic Op Commando courses, I asked if he would be willing to do a talk for the team at Apogee (which he kindly agreed to). Dave’s story is truly inspirational from the very beginning; he has faced multiple challenges throughout his life and overcome them in a manner that commands respect and admiration. His humility, openness and honesty shone all the way through his talk and made the challenges discussed relatable to everyone.


His willingness to explore topics like mental health, grief and feelings of isolation (which are often shied away from, but that many of us have felt at different points in life) in a positive, open and hugely empathetic manner was exceptional.


Dave’s talk transcended age, gender, background and experience, as he spoke to fundamental issues that we all face as human beings, and in a manner we can all relate to. I would strongly recommend Dave if you are looking for a talk that will not only inspire and motivate, but leave people with tangibly good advice for tackling the challenges life throws at us, whatever they may be.”


Nathaniel Mortazavi - Managing Director, Apogee Associates


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